Tight Curl Maintenance

This is an example of one of our favorite stylist's tight curl product regimen. Because hair comes from different donors who have their own hair characteristics, products are not standard for all hair types. These products are a recommendation based on what has worked for her over the past years with her Mongolian tight curl. These products may or may not work in achieving the particular look or effect you desire so it is best to do research and sample different products to determine what works best for you.

We get a ton of inquiries about how to maintain curly hair extensions. It does take a little more work than straight or our body wave hair extensions. We wanted to put information here on our blog with some of the best hair care tips for curly hair extensions.


Step one: Soak hair fully and condition it.

Step two: Comb through with big tooth comb.

Step three : While still slightly damp add the following in this order :

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Moisture Gro

Shea Moisture Style Milk

Eco Styler Gel

(all products can be found at Walmart, Target or Walgreens)

Step four : Styling - using a soft bristle brush, brush your curls into the extension so when the curl starts to dry the patterns form into each other. KEY STEP!!! LET YOU HAIR DRY BEFORE FLUFFING/STYLING ETC.. IF YOU MESS WITH IT WHILE ITS WET YOUR HAIR WILL SEPERATE. If you want your hair to be BIG, skip the gel and let it dry and fluff as it dries. If you want more of a wet unified look, add more hair milk and gel.

MAINTENANCE: Ladies once you realize there is no such thing as easy hair, you will begin your journey into the realm of hair greatness. This hair sheds minimally even if you cut your wefts. With curly hair, you have to understand its style of shedding. If you do not regular brush and tie your hair down it will get tangled as any hair which will results in knots which curly hair is twice as prone to doing. So take the proper steps to ensure your hair stays laid and brush and wrap it up.


Originally posted by Sasha R on her blog: