Hautelocks Advantage

Hautelocks Hair Extensions™ quality is second to none! Every piece of Pure Virgin Hair goes through a 6-stage quality control and secondary cleansing and conditioning process to locate and eliminate any hair that does not meet our quality standards.

The 6-stage quality control and cleaning process consists of the following:

  • Each piece is hand inspected to ensure quality hair, wefts and full body to the ends.
  • Hand washed by a member of our team.
  • Rinsed and deep conditioned by hand.
  • A chemical-free, organic rinse to cleanse the hair of any remaining shampoo or impurities, all while locking in nutrients from conditioner by sealing the cuticle, creating natural shine and luster.
  • Every piece of our Pure Virgin hair extensions are hung to dry. We do not use heat which can deplete hair of moisture, possibly drying it out. 
  • During the wefting stage, the hair is sealed mechanically to prevent any potential shedding.

We take great pride in our hair and our hands-on process to deliver the best product we can. We hope you will experience the Hautelocks™ Advantage for yourself!