Introducing Hautelocks Platinum and Red Collections

Difference between the Platinum and Red Collections


We understand the importance of great hair at an affordable price. Currently, the hair market has been flooded with poor quality non-remy hair, sold at extremely cheap prices. We’ve made our reputation by not conforming to the market norms, but by maintaining high quality products. Fortunately, we have been able to introduce a collection that combines great quality and affordability for everyone, all while staying true to our company integrity and commitment to provide products that we would want to wear. We hope you enjoy!


Platinum Collection 

Red Collection 

Longevity 1-3 years*

Longevity 1 year*

Extra two inches added in length to account for any split ends that may need to be trimmed

Lengths are as listed

Double drawn hair with full bottoms

Single drawn hair

Collected from young healthy donors

Collected from a variety of donors and may contain a few gray hairs

Goes through a washing, deep conditioning, and cuticle sealing process

Recommended to wash and condition before use

*With proper care