Red Curls

Our Red Collection Curly is full cuticle, ponytail, single donor, remy hair. This hair has been previously colored by the donors. If you plan on doing any chemical alterations to the hair, we do not recommend purchasing the “Dark” hair, as we do not know how lightener will react with the black dyes used to color it. We recommend purchasing the “Brown” option, and strongly suggest doing a strand test prior to fully committing to a color service. This pattern is best kept in its curly state. Constant flat-ironing may alter the curl pattern. 

  • 100% human hair
  • No mixed fibers or fillers
  • No chemical hair coating
  • Tangle free and minimal to no shedding
  • Hair has been pre-colored by the donor
  • 100 grams +/- 5grams
  • Length as measured
  • Machine wefted 
  • Longevity, more than 1 year

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