How to Pop Your Curls Tutorial

July 01, 2014

Getting your Hautelocks™ curly hair to maintain its lusciousness is very easy, assuming you know how! We are posting this video as a guide to help you pop your curls so your Hautelocks™ hair always looks as beautiful as the day of your first install! Please post any questions or comments below. Thanks!   Continue Reading →

What is a closure and how do I care for it?

May 09, 2014

Recently, we have received a lot of questions from people about how to care for their closure and how they can prevent balding. Many women are also concerned that closures will make them look "wiggy". We wanted to post this blog to help answer some of these questions. When it comes to the question of the most natural look, leaving hair out or getting a partial unit are great ways to have the most natural look to your extensions. But in the event your hair doesn’t match your hair extensions or you don't have the necessary hair growth for a leave out, a closure piece is the best solution.   A closure piece is a small piece of lace fabric, usually... Continue Reading →